Why I’m Learning Spring Framework

As I posted yesterday, I’m moving away from C++. I have my reasons, and I’m looking for new things to learn. As I research, I have decided on Spring. At this post, I will mention what Spring is, and the reasons for me to move to it. I already purchased a course on Udemy, and started learning. So, beware. You will be seeing a lot of Java code here for a while.

What is Spring?

Spring is the most popular framework for enterprise Java. It is an open-source platform from 2003. It is light, it is widespread, and it is easy. You can check the project from here. The framework makes development of J2EE code easier by enabling a POJO(Plain Old Java Object)-based programming model.

Why I’m Learning Spring?

I’m Familiar to Developing in Java

I know how to write object-oriented code, for starters. I’m familiar with OO design patterns, and I know at least some of the best practices. So, I have a head start here. By losing less time, I will be able to perform more. So, the price-performance ratio for me is great here.

Spring is Widespread

Spring framework is used for streaming TV to e-commerce. Lots of innovative Java solutions depend on it. The framework is openly supported by Alibaba, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more. So, learning it will make you a part of a fairly huge group. Thus, you may get more support from the other developers around when you need. Also, you may get a lot more job offerings in the market, which is perfect for my career.

It is Flexible

Spring has lots of extensions and third-party libraries. This makes it possible to develop almost any application with it. It has Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI) as its core values, which are two of the most widely-used best practices. This makes it possible to build a wide range of apps from serverless apps, cloud-based microservices, data streamers, or even batch processors.

Spring Boot

The framework has a perfect sub-project in it to develop microservices with. SpringBoot is perfect to create stand-alone Spring apps. You can easily embed Tomcat or any other without WAR files, and even can use other Spring libraries or 3rd party libraries to it. It is supper common and super easy to develop with.


These are my reasons to move to Spring. I will post more about it in the future while I’m learning it. If you’re interested, keep following here, or even check my homepage here!

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