Who am I?
Onur Tekik; A Software Engineer who is currently at Turkey, full-time working.

Here’s how you can reach me:
I’m on github
My e-mail:
I’m also on some other places, but may or may not see your messages there.

My education:

  • METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering – 2016 – BSc – Computers Track
    • I got courses on operating systems, computer architecture, computer networks, data structures, algorithms and microprocesses alongside with standard electric and electronics courses.
  • METU Information Systems – 2021 – MSc
    • I got courses on software testing, software engineering, agile development, relational database design, reinforcement learning and software documentation.
    • I’ll put a link to works about my thesis.

I’ve worked on:

  • Embedded Linux Development and Board Support
    • Can get your board working with YOCTO or some other custom thing.
    • Can also develop a software for you that will work on the board.
    • I mainly have experience on NVidia, NXP iMX boards, but can work with more.
  • Linux System Programming and Administration
    • Can develop scripts that will rock your machine
    • Analyze if anything is wrong or needs fixing before everything breaks out.
    • Can develop kernel drivers or patches for you.
  • Windows Service Development and Upkeep
    • I got a good grip of WINAPI(But I don’t prefer to use it😞 )
    • Worked on several Windows Services ranging from a small licensing service to a huge back-end service that has its own resources etc.
  • Process Modelling and Simulations
    • After working it thoroughly, I can model your processes or systems for you.
    • Also can simulate them using the language PROMELA and the tool SPIN.
  • Debugging and Fixing Legacy Codebases
    • I have worked codebases that are 10+ years old with no documentation, debugged them, fixed or developed patches around them. If you have such codes, I may able to help you.
    • After getting a grip, developing high-coverage unit & integration test suites for legacy codebases to help people work on them later on.
    • Creating huge documentation for them to make them understandable.
  • Documentation of Software Systems
    • Can develop ConOps, SRS, SDD etc. documents regarding IEEE standards.

With what I can work with (aka my stack):

  • Windows, CentOS, Debian, etc. (Practically all of ’em)
  • Boards: NVidia Jetson TX2, Xavier NX, Xavier AGX, Nano, iMX 6, iMX 8 and much more.
  • Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, MSSQL
  • Modern C++
  • C (-std=c99)
  • Python3
  • AWK
  • Bash
  • Lua
  • Crank Software – Storyboard Suite
  • My protocols database:
    • SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol
    • OPC, OLE for Process Communication
    • DMA, Direct Memory Access
    • PCI/PCIe, Peripheral Component Interconnect/Express
My strong sides:
  • I don’t quit or get frustrated easily.
  • I keep myself interested on what I’m doing
My weak sides:
  • No work-life balance, what-so-ever. Working on it.
  • Hate ambiguity, cannot stand it.
  • Addiction on coffee and smokes, working on quitting them.