Places to choose in Turkey as a digital nomad

Since COVID pandemic is over, the interest has risen to Turkey for digital nomads. What Turkey offers to nomads are Mediterranean coastal towns, cold mountains, great food and a wide culture. Low value of Turkish lira makes living in Turkey much more affordable, and here are four major cities a digital nomad may choose to move to.

Muğla – Beaches and Pine Forests

Muğla is one of the best cities in Turkey to move to. It has wide range of destinations for different budgets, all have both beaches and nature hand-in-hand.

Datça is one of the remotest places from masses, but have worse infrastructure with respect to others.

Bodrum is the one for the luxury lovers that can afford few extra bucks.

Marmaris is one for the nature lovers, with lots of pine forests and national parks.

Fethiye is focused on beaches, and it is one of the relatively larger provinces.

Milas and Ula are close to the upper provinces, with more focus on affordability.

Izmir – Beaches and People

Izmir has understanding and secular people in the city center, and has nice beaches in the western provinces like Çeşme. It is relatively affordable, and a nice place for an expat to live in. The people of the city has nice educational-level, so you would find an English-speaker native without large effort. Izmir has a large expat community, too.

Aydın – Beaches and Affordability

Aydın is the city between Izmir and Muğla, has nice beaches in Kuşadası and Didim, and much more affordable than the other two cities. It has some nature, but not like Muğla. It has nice people, but not as dense as Izmir. For more affordability, you may choose to live in city center or Söke, a province between the coastal ones and the city center.

Antalya – Beaches and Luxury

Antalya is one of the most touristic cities in Turkey. It has some culture and nature, but it is focused on high-end hotels and sandy beaches. The city inhabit more Russian and Ukranian expats than other every other city in the country. City center is pretty historic and metropolite. Alanya, Manavgat and Kemer are focused on foreign tourists with their luxury hotels and beaches. Kaş is the nearest province to Muğla, and is a similar place to it.

Istanbul – History and Convenience

By far, this is the place that most of the digital nomads prefer. It has decent infrastructure and pretty reliable internet bandwidth. Istanbul is full of history, both Byzanitine and Turkish. It sits on two continents, and has nice scenery because of it. It has lots and lots of nomads in it, and there is some nice expat communities there.

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