Remote working is a brand new concept for most of us. At start, we were all mumbled and dazzled adjusting ourselves to it. Now, we are kind of succeeding it. But, how to be more effective working from home? It’s hard to keep your focus on, but here are some tips to help you:

Draw a Line on the Sand

At the start, you may think about remote working as a vacation. Especially, if you need to struggle in the traffic or work at a highly restrictive environment. No more dress code, am I right? However, as days passing, your home became your office and you started to feel like you’re living in your office. The solution to this is to start placing boundaries.You need to incorporate a work space in your home. At this place, you’re working. All other places are home, the new desk you purchased is your office. This will relieve you by structing an office place in your mind, and also your spouse, children, even pets will understand you’re working at that moment.Try to keep a room for working, but even a clear half of the kitchen table may be your new office space.

Keep in Touch More Than Ever

While trying to focus on work, communicating with the team may seem like a waste of time. However, this is wrong. You may not remember how much interaction your previous office work has, but it is quite a lot. If you need to keep up with the productivity you’ve had in the office, you need to keep that interaction flowing. Keep your meetings, even do some small talk.The best way of keeping that communication is conducting meetings. Try to use video conference applications, most of them have a free version.You don’t have to keep all those communication in a professional level. In the office, you were also talking about that book you’ve read, or that movie you watch, or what’s happening in your country or the world. Keep doing that from home. These chats may seem irrelevant but they are a need for us people since we’re social animals.

Learn More Than Ever

One huge adventage of working from home is the silence and free time you’ll never find at the office. Coffee breaks, loud chatters, meetings that go for hours for no need are gone. You may re-claim that lost time in the solitary of your home.

  • Free or cheap online trainings: With the speed of technology growing, there is almost nothing you cannot learn online. Take a free course online on cybersecurity, data analytics, virtualization, machine learning, or even cooking!
  • Virtual class trainings: If you’re not as productive on pre-recorded courses, you may try virtual class trainings. They are not the real thing, but they will work.

Use your time well

With the modern way of living, we have lots of time-consumers around us. In an office, being distracted was kind of hard since there were always a thing that will remind us what we’re supposed to be doing. In home, you need to manage your time well, and you need to do it by yourself.I suggest the technique pomodoro about that. You may check my previous post about pomodoro here.

Don’t become a work-from-home-aholic

Your home became your office, this is right, at least part of it did. But that does not mean that you’re in office 24×7! One of the largest complaints about working from home is extended or never-ending working hours. Do not become a work-from-home-aholic. Start and end your office hours strictly and do not work overtime. This is both for your work’s and life’s quality level!

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