13 Programming Habits You Need to Pick Up for Being a Better Developer

Programming is not that hard. Unless it is a pioneering area, almost every engineer can code solutions to a given situtation, but in different qualities or timings. Your performance depends on picking up the best habits you can as soon as possible. So, I’m giving a list of good habits for a programmer that I […]

Red Flags Your Company May Rise About 4 Topics During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 outbreak, most companies change how they work for a time, if not completely. And after the outbreak slows down, they started to make steps for going back. Here’re few alternatives during and after the outbreak that can change your preferences. Working Environment during COVID-19 This is how you are working during the […]

IT Industry Getting Rid of “Racial” Terms, Next is golang

With the rising awareness to the topic, thanks to Black Lives Matter Movement, the terms that can be interpreted in a white supremacist way are being rapidly pushed out from the IT industry. Lastly, GoLang joined to the train of awareness. Some think this as a cheap PR move, some are really supporting and cheering […]

Governor of New Jersey Publicly Calling for COBOL Programmers

While the COVID-19 threats in USA not decreasing, lots of parts of public infrastructure are put into a test of pressure. Healthcare and unemployment systems’ infrastructures are two of them. Some of them are performing perfectly under the pressure while some are just failing. One of the failing systems is NJ’s unemployment system. Last weekend, […]

Why I’m using the “Pomodoro” technique, and how it effected me?

For years, I’ve worked in a “Work till no more” approach, which is: Start to work. End when you’re done, or you cannot work no more since your vital urges. Then I somehow saw that “Pomodoro” technique. After reading about it thoroughly, I started to implement it to my workplace, and it worked out great. […]