So I Just Uploaded My First Video Ever

TL; DR: You can watch the video here.

And it’s on C++!!!! I started a new challange where I will build a scientific calculator that can handle common logarithmic and trigonometric functions. It will have its own parser, expression tree builder and calculator. It will also solve linear equations. I plan to have these videos in the challange:

  • Parser implementation with shunting-yard algorithm
  • Parser-make it work. Unit testing structure and such.
  • Expression tree operations’ implementation.
  • Testing if expression tree works as expected – make it work.
  • Expression tree build-up functionality.
  • Expression tree builder – make it work.
  • CLI app buildup.
  • E2E tests with Python.
  • Add in-code documentation, UML diagrams and markdown documentation.

I may or may not publish the code anywhere since I want larger user interest in the video. I embed the video in the post if you want to check it out, it’s right below:

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