Red Flags Your Company May Rise About 4 Topics During COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 outbreak, most companies change how they work for a time, if not completely. And after the outbreak slows down, they started to make steps for going back. Here’re few alternatives during and after the outbreak that can change your preferences.

Working Environment during COVID-19

This is how you are working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Remote – Green: Also known as telecommuting, remote working is you working out of office. This is the perfect setup for you and your workplace. Works are getting done with the same speed in spite of the pandemic, which is good for the company. You are more relaxed while working, cut down the time for commuting, and away from the disease, which is good for you. In our new normal, remote working is something that we will look for, even after pandemic.
  2. Alternating – Red: Also known as bullshit, alternating working scenario works like this: Half of the workers got infected a week, and the next week the other will. Also, you may have to wait for the decisions, or works that will be done in the alternating week sometimes. Company needs work to be done, but it will not be.
  3. No change – Red: Also known as shit, but at least honest shit. Company needs work to be done, and it will be. However, all the workers are at the stake all the times now.
  4. Off – Yellow: Company may lay you off from the work for a period, paid or unpaid. This is the yellow flag case, because the company clearly don’t have the infrastructure for remote working which is bad, but the company cares about its workers to not get sick.
  5. Fired – Black: You don’t need to read the rest, dude.

Decision Making drung COVID-19

This is how the decisions are made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Decentralized – Green: Are people are empowered to make their own decisions if there is no one to report? If yes, then perfect. That will enable you to move on with your responsibilities. You will be less stressed, and more productive.
  2. Centralized-working – Yellow: Even if your company don’t empower you to make decisions, if the decision-maker is available when needed, or the decisions get made beforehand, the work goes on, which is good. However, when something goes wrong, there is no comeback.
  3. Fucked up – Red: If the decision making mechanism is broken when on a pandemic, this is a clear red flag. Your work keeps piling up, you miss deadlines, etc. just because someone else. This will get you pretty stressed up, and your productivity drops.

Returning Back after

Assuming you are working from home, or on a leave during the COVID-19 pandemic, chances are your new status is already decided or going to be decided on next weeks.

  1. Never – Yellow: Some companies are closing their physical offices. That is certainly a good thing to have, but what if you wanted the physical office? It surely has its ups and downs, working in an office. You didn’t sign up for this, didn’t you? If you’re happy with that decision, change this flag to a green. If you’re unhappy, depending to the level, this flag should stay yellow or change to red.
  2. Optional – Green: Some companies will open their offices, but give their employees the freedom to come and go as they will. This is the best case, since even if you’re a remote-liking person or an office bird, you have the opportunity to choose what you want. Choices are good, right?
  3. Late – Yellow/Green: Some companies pushed away openning their offices away as long as possible. Some are going to do it by the end of the year, some will be openning at the next year. This means your company is caring for you, and pretty much have the perfect architecture and infrastructure for remote working.
  4. ASAP – Red: Some companies stack employees in offices as soon as the government lets them. If your company does this, probably you don’t have the opportunity to work from home. And also, this means does not give a rat’s ass for your health and safety. This looks like a red flag to me.

Compensation Work after COVID-19

If you are given a paid leave for the COVID-19 outbreak, or worked in an alternating sequence, chances are, your company will consider if you are going to pay them back or not.

  1. Work – Red: If you’re asked to work for your missing hours, this will fuck your whole year up. Company, by making that decision, is telling you to cancel all vacation plans for the year. And this is not enough. You also will need to work overtime for the whole year. Who cares about productivity, right?
  2. Forgiven – Green: This was what needs to be done. You weren’t asking this to happen, and you are not the responsible party for your company’s lack of remote working infrastructure. You should be forgiven.
  3. Payed from Your Sick Days or Payed Leave Rights – Yellow: This only seems fair. You didn’t work for these days, and company lost profit because of that. But this only “seems” fair. Involuntairy leaves may happen without the pandemic, right? You may or may not understand your company in this decision, it is up to you.

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