A temporary e-mail from your terminal: tmpmail

tmpmail is a command-line program that can create temporary email addresses for you to hand over places in order to avoid spams and protect your identity. The tool uses 1secmail’s API, with the help of curl, jq, and w3m.Once it is installed, the tool has options to generate a new temporary mail address for you […]

How to Remote Develop or Debug over SSH Connection?

While developing code for a different machine, either a huge server or a tiny embedded host, you’ll need to develop on a remote environment. Your connection of choice probably will be SSH, and here is how to develop in that setup. You have two different choices in this setup. First, you can develop locally and […]

How to Pipe to or from Clipboard in a Bash Script?

Using a clipboard is a habit of graphical user interfaces. Although it is possible to do anything you want in a text-based terminal, old habits die hard. So is there a way to use your clipboard, by either filling or emptying it, in the terminal in a FIFO? xclip There is a way to achieve […]

How to Install Packages to Offline Ubuntu or Debian Machines

We all face this problem time to time and it becomes time consuming for the packages that have lots of dependencies. Downloading, copying and installing one-by-one, and by hand is nearly impossible for these packages. So, here’s what you need to do for installing packages offline to your Debian or Ubuntu machine. In a Machine […]

Remote Host Identification Has Changed Warning – how to solve

When you’re trying to connect a remote machine via ssh, if you’re getting the Warning: Remote Host Identification Has Changed, here is why and how to solve it. Seeing this error for the first time may be pretty frustrating. However, do not panic and try to connect again because you will fail miserably! See the […]