About me

I am Onur, a software engineer from Turkey. Got my bachelor’s from Middle East Technical University, and I’m trying to get my master’s from the same one. I work at full time, so don’t expect me to return to you immediately. You can reach me from the links at the footer. I will be editing this section, see you around!

My Roadmap of this Blog

It is fun to blog about exciting things. But since I have a full-time job, I will not commit my life directly to the blog. Instead, I will devote more of my time to it as you are. When the popularity arises, you will get your new perks from me. Here is the list: (Of course it is due to change)

  • At 10k views for the last 30 days: A guaranteed story every day at blog.
  • At 20k views for the last 30 days: I will start to release a beginner’s tutorial – on text – every month.
  • At 25k views for the last 30 days: I will start to take requests for tutorials, and articles.
  • Probably in between these two, at some point I will start to run ads on the website, nothing cringe, but the site needs some money to grow. I promise that I will use that money only on upkeep and my own advertising.
  • At 50k views, I will start a youtube channel and start moving my tutorials there.
  • Also at 50k views, I will start a Patreon page for the upkeep of the blog and youtube page, since my equipment is kinda crap. Helpers at patreon will gain special stuff from me like personal coaching or Q&A sessions.
  • At 100k views, I will start taking article and tutorial submissions from the public. Also, I will be giving out some editorial and writing positions in the website to you.
  • At 250k views, I will start a tutorial series in which I will build copies of most popular web apps from scratch.
  • At 500k views, I will start to write a book for newbie programmers about where to start, what to do, and not what to do.
  • At 1M, I will release the book. Also, I will start a Q&A platform like StackOverflow, not in a technical focus, but social.
  • Some place near 1M, I will quit my day job since the blog will provide enough for me.