Places to choose in Turkey as a digital nomad

Since COVID pandemic is over, the interest has risen to Turkey for digital nomads. What Turkey offers to nomads are Mediterranean coastal towns, cold mountains, great food and a wide culture. Low value of Turkish lira makes living in Turkey much more affordable, and here are four major cities a digital nomad may choose to […]

Developing software from Turkey: Pros and cons

As you may know from posts before, I am developing software for my customer as a freelancer from Turkey for a year now. Better make a post about this. So, there is a list of pros and cons of this situation, plus a conclusion by me. Pros Cons Conclusion At the end, at least to […]

So I Just Uploaded My First Video Ever

TL; DR: You can watch the video here. And it’s on C++!!!! I started a new challange where I will build a scientific calculator that can handle common logarithmic and trigonometric functions. It will have its own parser, expression tree builder and calculator. It will also solve linear equations. I plan to have these videos […]